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This is Cindy.

I have multiple passions and interests in life (yes, I'm a multipassionate!) with a single underlying purpose: to help people form a healthier relationship with themselves, so that they could focus on creating their life's work.

I ask myself:

How can I build skillsets which create lasting value for anyone, wherever I go?

In the 26 years I've lived, I've lived in three countries, learnt to speak three languages (Indonesian, English and Japanese), and built portfolio consisting of a career in global financial software company, NGO and social business consultancy, and blogging about sustainable & mindful lifestyle. Am I too distracted, too unorganized to focus on a single specialized 'niche', you said?

I struggled with the same question, pretty much my whole life. Until I realized that my ENTJ-A "Commander" personality inherently craves the energy and the feeling of achievement brought by growth and development in all aspects of my life, be it career or personal. I also realized that my character helps me to prepare myself for the future of our work. Gone are the days when employees gave their souls to their employers without caring for their own well-being. Gone are the days when employees could expect to be guaranteed the same job (or any job) in the future without constantly upgrading their own skills. Gone are the days when we could say anything certain about the future of our society, because our environment, our governments, our jobs, and our people are constantly changing.

I've decided that I could make the best of what I've had to join the inspiring and hard-working communities of people, who are building products and services of the future. I am currently finishing a Master's Degree in the Graduate School of International & Public Policy, Hitotsubashi University and looking for career opportunities in Tokyo, Japan starting September 1st 2019. If you are interested in my profile, please reach me through Linkedin or email cindyfransisca93[at]gmail[dot]com.

Stuff I do and make:

Slow Down Tokyo


An online resource hub to share practical information of living an environmentally sustainable, minimalist and mindful lifestyle in Tokyo, Japan.


Early member, Business Development

An online platform connecting skill-based volunteers with mission-driven organizations.

Indonesia Mengglobal

2018-2019 Columnist for Asia, Middle East & Africa

With a mission to increase the global impact of Indonesians students, professionals and change-makers all over the world, IM provides life-changing information for 30,000 subscribers through >900 articles on the experience of studying and building career overseas written by more than 500 contributors.

"Knowledge Dispels Fear"

by anyone who sets a vision, formulates a strategy, and executes with precision.

Thank you for featuring me in your articles!


Tokyo Interloper

December 5, 2018

“But I’m thankful to be part of a community that’s frustrated with the status quo, one where a lot of resources, time and attention go to pure money-making activities with little or no social good. We believe you can work and earn a lot and still have empathy to help other people at the same time. We’re determined to prove that it’s not an either/or world where these two things (money and doing good) can’t go hand-in-hand. And through this I’ve met so many wonderful people who understand the importance of living your life, being happy and fulfilling your needs, while also caring for others.”

Are you looking for a collaborator?

Or just someone to bounce ideas with. Contact me!

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